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Mahjong solitaire, also known as Shanghai Solitaire is an easy-to-learn but tough-to-master puzzle game, based on tile matching logic. In the game tiles are laid out in beautiful 3d shapes, and you have to remove all tiles from a layout to win the game. The rules restrict you to remove only matching tiles that have at least one side free, as well as its top.

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Same as the traditional Mah Jong game, Mahjong solitaire uses a set of Mah Jong ties, The Flower tiles of total 144 tiles being considered identical in this Mahjong solitaire game. The tiles are stacked on top of each other in a four layer grid in a random order, all facing upwards. These have to be matched with each other and discarded as a pair. Only free tiles, or tiles that can be moved freely without disturbing the ones on the right or left, can be moved and matched. When each of the free tiles is matched with another free tile and removed from the stack, it exposes other tiles under them and makes them free and ready to be matched. The objective is to remove all the 144 tiles from the board. The game is over when the layout is cleaned or when there is no possibility for removing other tiles. This happens when no free tiles can be matched with each other.

Like the poker, Tranditional Mah jongg is a popular game in Asia, many people are joining Mahjongg local or online communities , where they can play together. The super mah jong site is where you can learn the mahjong tiles and remember them by playing the free game.


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